From this time to the present, Andy has and continues to be a regular leader of collective worship at Robert Kett Junior School. Ably assisted by whoever he had working alongside him he has a gift, through role play to share the words and wisdom of the Gospel through themes either the school or Andy himself suggested. Sometimes unconventional, but nevertheless effective. The children always looked forward to welcoming Andy. The balance of laughter and interaction is always an effective recipe for success with children but assemblies at their conclusion, always managed to re-focus the children back to the key message underpinning the presentation. I was always been impressed with the way Andy delivered the Christian message with the words "...as a Christian I believe that..." inviting the children to internalise and reflect rather than forcing a doctrine upon them.

Becoming a regular attendee at the school Andy approached me to consider setting up an evening club for our children and the wider community at the school which we were more than pleased to facilitate. "Awesome" is now very established at the school and continues to be very popular for children in Wymondham and surrounding villages. Andy's work extends to a number of local schools and is keen to support them in what ever way he and his working colleague can. 

Developing and extending links led Andy to meet with us to consider setting up a Prayer Space week at our school back in 2012. It is fair to say the activities and experiences Andy and his team set up at the school, liaising with our RE leader at the time, was both thought provoking and inspirational, not only for the children I might add. The impact of this experience for 600 children and staff was significant and as a new generation of children attend the school, it would be well worth repeating.

Andy's faith and belief shines through in all the work he does. This also extends to the fact he always finds time for people to share and talk, to guide and advise in a way that is heart felt, supportive and genuine. It has always been a privilege working with him as much as it is to be a guy who you can always say is a friend.

Robert Kett Junior School : Headteacher : 2002-2014


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